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5 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

New Year New you. Right?

Whether you choose to make New Year resolutions, Set Goals or choose a word for the year, January can feel like a new beginning - ripe with possibility and opportunity. However, one thing we should all add to our list is to love ourselves wherever we are in our life.


Trying to be perfect,

Trying to be someone other than yourself,

Holding on to the past,

Living in the future,

Being so hard on yourself!

Seize the opportunity of the coming year by taking positive steps towards self-love and self-care.

Set aside some 'me' time

In a day, set aside some time that is solely for you even if it is only 10 minutes. Starting will make you want it more. Use this time to do things that make you happy and that you want to do. We have to set time aside for the things we care about, we have to prioritise them.

Draw boundaries

Reduce stress and overwhelm. It one of the strongest acts of self-love. Simplify your ‘to-do’ and ‘to-be’ lists. Say ‘No’ more often. Remember when you say no to something, you say yes to something else.

Do away with the clutter

Relieve yourself of all the unnecessary stuff you are hanging to – both physical and emotional – let go of past careers, relationships, objects you no longer need or use. Reorganise your wardrobe, your spare room, your to do list. There is a huge power in letting things.

Remember every day is a new day

Bury the past, practice being present and look forward to the future you want without stress. Focus your attention on what is good and what is working now. Ditch Social Media. No one lives an Insta life.

Make plans, dream and introspect.

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Had a lovely time at the Ice Hockey tonight and a bit 'buzzy' just now so going to listen to some chill out music before bed. Tomorrow I'll be striving to factor in some relaxation to my daily routine so wish me luck please! Hoping this will be the last time you'll see me blogging at this time of night and please feel free to remind me if you catch me on here after 10pm on a school night anyway! :)

Me gusta

Too true. I personally need to be less hard on myself. This is something I struggle with but am working on. Focusing on decluttering this new year has brought about a change in my out look. Still more to do but I won’t lose focus as it has been beneficial for my mind as well - to let things go.

Me gusta

Well I haven't managed to get going with my plans for factoring in some relaxation time into my daily routine yet but at least I'm actually thinking about it now. I like starting new things on a Monday so plan to look at my diary on Sunday evening to decide the best time to do it. and stick a bright post it note on the front to remind me! Talk about active relaxation! :)

Me gusta

Thanks for all the suggestions, I really need to do all of these things and plan to start by setting out some 'me time' every day and use it to do some guided relaxation. Top of my list is physically decluttering my spare room to allow space and time for the emotional decluttering in a quiet relaxing atmosphere! Wish me luck! :)

Me gusta
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